Monday, 28 November 2016

Our Car

Lunchtime Visitor

This is who visited for lunch today!

First days at Erindi

This is our second day at Erindi and yesterday we drove to the lodge and spent time chatting to friends and viewing game at the dam with one huge elephant bull having fun in the water.

Last night Tasha got an sms from one of the cheetah GPS collars indicating the cheetah was dead. We went out this morning and found the cheetah was indeed dead and his hunting partner was nearby. GP scrutinised the area for tracks and all we could find was tracks of a large baboon male. Everything indicated the baboon had surprised the cheetah and had killed it with one bite to the shoulder which severed the spinal cord. We bagged the cheetah and dropped it off in a freezer room to be picked up by CCF for a necropsy.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Shopping, banking and cars

We spent Thursday 24th shopping and banking to enable us to pay for the car we have purchased. The money we sent to Namibia arrived but we had to go the bank to fill in forms to release the funds which will only happen on Friday. Everything works in slow motion in Africa but we are getting there.

It is now Friday and we are waiting for the money to appear in Tasha's account so we can transfer to the dealership for the car.  The car is having the last few things fixed so the money and the car should be ready about the same time. We will then pick up the car and do our last shopping before heading to Erindi.

We will post a pic when we have a chance.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Buying a Car

We spent the whole of Tuesday looking for a car and eventually decided on a Toyota Fortuner.  We had the car checked out by the AA and all was good except for a few minor things which the dealer agreed to fix before we purchase. On Tuesday we signed the deal and paid a deposit and transferred funds to Tasha's account so we could pay for the car. Hopefully all transfers happen before Friday when we are due to drive to Erindi.

Travel to Namibia

We left Perth on Sunday 20th November and arrived in Windhoek the next day after a stopover in Johannesburg for a few hours.  We plan to stay 4 nights in Windhoek to find a and purchase a second-hand car.